Born in Colombia, Felipe Martinez-Villalba graduated in fine art at Central St Martins in London 2015. Working with multiple materials to create a space that resembles an invasive unnatural environment.

His practice has develop a way to express through colour and repetition an statement of Felipes thoughts. Clearly noticed in his practice as a painter or in Los Calvos as he refers to his paintings.

More resent Los Calvos have become the artist media of expression, as he uses them as a routine to work on memory and challenge imagination.

The aesthetics of these untitled series of similar characters resemble a human being bare of hair and cloths. Mindfully standing or interacting with their surrounding and different landscapes.

His artworks become evidence of an immediate thinking which he tries to communicate through a soft/familiar narrative and a bold/dare technic.

Born in Colombia, Felipe Martinez-Villalba graduated in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London in 2015. 

He is a multidisciplinary artist who investigates in his practice using mediums such Installation, photography, video art, public space interventions, along with doing workshops and performances to create. 

Felipe’s paintings are an expression through colour and repetition of a statement of his thoughts, his stream of consciousness. In ‘Los Calvos’ series, he embodies himself as a painter who stands out as a colourist.

In his Installations, he carefully works with a variety of different types of material to create an invasive unnatural environment which are intentionally arranged to invite the viewer in to experience his stream of consciousness.

More recently ‘Los Calvos’ has become of a new tool of expression to explore the path of memory and challenge the imagined. 

The untitled series of similar characters take after a human being bare of hair and clothes, mindfully standing or signaling an expression in their own environment and landscape. 

Felipe’s artworks are the reflection of his immediate thinking which he communicates through a soft familiar narrative using bold and daring colours application techniques.