Through my work, I dive into the intricate aspects of human diversity and gender, using a language that resonates deeply with viewers.

My paintings and sculptures give life to an imaginative character I call “Calvos” (bald figures). These figures symbolize humanity and invite viewers to contemplate their own presence and existence.

My painting process involves building up layers of different materials, such as pastels and acrylic paints, which are carefully treated to achieve the desired consistency and tonality.

Gradually, intriguing creatures with distinct identities begin to emerge from the canvas. The fluidity in my paintings extends beyond their composition; it also encompasses the fluidity of the gender represented within the subjects themselves.

I invite viewers to engage in a direct and uninterrupted gaze upon my paintings, allowing ample time for contemplation without the need for immediate questioning. 

It is within this patient observation that questions often emerge organically, forging a profound connection between individuals and the characters that inhabit my art.

In a world perpetually seeking change, I feel an unwavering sense of urgency to share my perspective on diversity and community. To me, it is about embracing our inner selves and souls, transcending the limitations of labels. 

This is why my message holds relevance in our contemporary society, where there is a constant need for transformation. I believe that the emphasis on categorizations only deepens the divisions that plague us, hindering the unity we all yearn for.

My creative journey has taken a new and exciting turn as I’ve delved into the realm of sculpture.

This recent passion has led me to explore the art of working with ceramics, enabling me to breathe life into my creations and imbue them with a captivating sense of volume and presence.

I find inspiration in a multitude of forms, and I believe that cultivating tranquil environments is essential for maintaining productivity.

I am delighted to extend an invitation for you to explore my studio. Feel free to reach out, and together we can coordinate an exclusive open studio experience.

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